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YTBB174 (MechanicaI seal of pump )
Scope of application:chemical industry, petroleum, papermaking, pharmaceutical, smelting, light power, thermal power and other industries.
Applicable host:double end container
Product category:Common type
Model:TLD series
Detailed introduction

Model name: Mechanical seal

Model: TID series

Shaft diameter: 25mm135mm

Product category: Double end container

Scope of application: Chemical industry,petroleum, papermaking,pharmaceutical, smelting, light power, thermal power and other industries.

Product introduction:

Huacheng tld double end face cartridge series mechanical seal adopts an aggregate composed of moving ring, static ring, spring, auxiliary seal ring, shaft sleeve, seal seat and other main parts. Therefore, it is more convenient, fast, reliable sealing, simple to use, good balance and arbitrary rotation on the machine body.

Product features:

Huacheng tld double end face cartridge mechanical seal has the advantages of short axial size, compact structure, convenient installation, simple use and high safety factor. It adopts single end face cartridge structure, which is durable and stable.

Main applicable medium, temperature and working parameters:

Pressure mpa≤1.6

Applicable temperature ≤120

Solid particle content≤30%

Applicable media: corrosive media such as water, oil, acid and alkali.

Material of main parts:

Metal parts:2cr13 304316l2205 etc.

Sealing ring material: Cemented carbide, silicon carbide, graphite, etc.

Material of sub-sealing: Nbrfpmepdm etc.

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