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We are a professional manufacturer of mechanical seals integrating design, production and sales. The company has advanced manufacturing equipment, perfect testing equipment and professional technical team. The company's research and development of various high pressure, high temperature, strong corrosion, mechanical seal products up to more than 100 series, thousands of specifications, products are widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, smelting, papermaking, electric power, light industry and other industries.

Sales Fax:+86-0813-8285302
Sales Manager:+86-136 7822 3321 (Manager Yu)
Company Email:sales6@tengyiseals.com
Company Address:No.16-8 Yanhe Road, Gongjing District, Zigong City, Sichuan Province

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Company Address: No.16-8 Yanhe Road, Gongjing District, Zigong City, Sichuan Province
Sales Fax: +86-0813-8285302
Sales Manager: +86-136 7822 3321 (Manager Yu)
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